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Explore our natural himalayan rocksalt lamp

The magnifying atmosphere of a salt crystal lamp is not only due to the warm light. Salt crystals emit neutralizing ions, thus improving the climate of a room. When illuminated, this effect is supplemented by vibrations of lightThey can improve your concentration and refresh you by neutralizing the effects of an artificial environment.
The benefit of ionizers is well known. While most ionizers on the market are man made machines, the salt crystal lamp is a beautiful alternative from mother nature, without any noise and NO harmful OZONE!
A salt crystal lamp will enhance the atmosphere of any room.Each lamp makes a statement of its own.
Salt Crystal Lamps make wonderful gifts they are enriching to your environment
What an AMAZING gift that gives so much by just sitting in your home.

Known as “Vitamins of The Air”, the Salt Crystal lamp is Nature’s best Ioniser which provides 
multiple health benefits including enhancing immunity, improving sleep and relieving migraines. 
 At the beginning of 21st century, we can hardly imagine living without most electric devices, they make it easier for us to work in the office, at home, they even entertain us. However we do not realize that they are also a source of very harmful positive ions, or so called ELECTRIC SMOG.

The harmful effects of electric smog results in the deterioration of the condition of air which then 
negatively affects our physical and emotional state.
Sources of harmful positive ions are:

     * Computer Monitors          * Vacuum cleaners        * Electric heaters            
     * TV sets                          * Microwave ovens         * Tobacco smoke Area   
Scientific research has proven that the amount of ions in the environment beneficial to humans, should range between 1000-1500/cm3. Bioenergotherapists and homeopaths in Western Europe have recommended crystal salt lamps for a long time to support treatment of allergies, respiratory and blood systems and rheumatism.Because of their color they are also used in color therapy i.e.  chromotherapy their soothing light helps neurotic persons and people suffering from insomnia.So a crystal lamp is a product worth having at any home.

                                                   *Places to Use*

     * At the office             * By your computer.   * During massage and meditation.    
     * In smokey places.    * In your study room  * In children’s bedroom.

Anywhere you want the air quality to be improved or preserved.

Anywhere you want to create a calm and relaxing environment.


Always ‘switch ON ’ the bulb in highly Humid conditions ( monsoon ,rainy season ), In case of not using lamp , remove bulb from lamp assembly and pack the salt lamp in air tight bag to avoid loss of potency of crystal salt lamp.


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